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Where is the Elevator?

Elevator doors can be given a view

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How to Paint a Fresco

How to Paint a Fresco
1) Start with a venetain plaster foundation on top of a latex primer.
Let dry then start step 2 next day or 10 hours.

2) With the venetian plaster tinted a light blue apply one coat to area for sky.

3) With the venetian plaster tinted a light green apply one coat to area for garden.

4) Let dry again for 10 hours.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How to paint a Fresco

I have started a fresco in my friend Stephanie's new digs in Rosedale.
After a sit down in the hallway over some photos and books of both ours.
I was thinking something soft and italian and settled on older version of a roman garden.
The garden colours will be still soft blue sky and light colours in the garden.
I have found lots of historial reference I will show you.
Looking forward to trying a new venetian plaster by Debbie Travis.
Take pictures has I go.

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